The holiday season is here! It’s the perfect time to relax, reflect, and gather with friends and family.


Here are six tips for enjoying a cozy home while it's all happening:

1. De-clutter and clean

Whether your home will be a hub of activity or a calm oasis, it’s a good idea to tidy up and end the year on a clean note. Start by storing past-season décor and clearing surfaces and countertops. Consider how many coats and shoes are taking up space in the entryway, too.


Then, give your home the deep clean it deserves. Dusting and vacuuming – as well as wiping down the bathrooms and kitchen – will set you up for peace of mind all season long.


After sprucing up your space, celebrate your efforts by cozying up to watch your favorite holiday film.

2. Change up picture frames

Year-end is a great time to refresh your rooms by swapping out your framed photos. A lot has probably happened during the year – and displaying your photos is a fun way to spark conversation and relive the moments. It's an instant connection to your best memories and your favorite people or places.

3. Consider lighting choices

Help the holiday season feel merry and bright by adjusting the brightness inside your home. According to a RE/MAX agent and interior design expert, lighting plays an important role in setting the tone for a space. And the shade of the lightbulbs themselves can impact the experience in a room.


“We can use light to control the way a space visually expands and contracts. Bright light helps a space feel larger and cleaner in some circumstances, whereas dim light makes the space recede, feel more intimate, and can also be used to hide things,” says Jeannie Do, a member of The International Group with RE/MAX Professionals in Lakewood, Colorado.


The lightbulb shades are typically listed on the packaging, described in ways like “natural daylight” or “warm white.” Do recommends shopping for bulbs between 3,000 and 4,000 Kelvin degrees for balanced lighting. She explains why in a recent RE/MAX News article.


4. Give the guest room some TLC

Have guests coming into town? Make sure a spare bedroom feels like home-away-from-home for your visitors.


First and foremost, remove your own items that ought to be stored elsewhere. Then, give the room a deep clean – it’s likely dusty if it’s not used as much as other rooms. Next, prepare the bed by washing the sheets, fluffing pillows, and keeping extra blankets close by for chilly nights. Don’t forget to leave clean towels, too, and replenish essentials like hand soap and shampoo in whatever bathroom guests will use.

5. Set a wow-worthy dining table

For many people, eating is a major part of gatherings. This is especially true around the holidays, where customs and traditions – in the form of family recipes – are upheld or evolved with modern twists. Help make your dining area inviting and eye-catching by sprucing up the table.


Simple additions to elevate the space could be a runner, placemats, and decorative napkins. Get creative with a seasonal centerpiece – some opt for greenery, garland, tapered candles, flowers, or a mixture of multiple elements.

6. Bring on the festive flair!

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the timing of putting up holiday decorations. Whether it entails stringing up lights outdoors or decking the halls indoors, decorate your home with festive flair that brings joy to everyone.


In addition to holiday-specific items, create an ambient wintry atmosphere with plush blankets, fun throw pillows, and seasonally scented candles (think balsam fir or vanilla spice). Consider stocking up on holiday items like festive-flavored coffee and tea, hot cocoa (and marshmallows, of course), baking supplies, and any other goodies that bring warmth and happiness this season.